James Blackwell's artwork centres on themes of nature, silence, structure and meditation. Utilizing natural materials gathered from the Australian bush and other resources, he reconfigures the materials into grid-like formations often in a 3 dimensional manner with the use of textured and handmade papers as a support.

The overall effect produces intimate assemblages offering a contemplative space to reveal an aspect of tranquility and stillness. In addition to conveying calmness, the work implies the passage of time.

The objects intricate detail and evident focus on process reveal a steady hand and time spent engaging with the material.

Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains has become part of the artist’s lifestyle James said "Part of the joy in creating these works is seeing what can become of the easily discarded or ignored. I like to think of the valley floor as my art supply store!"

James Blackwell, winner 2014 Windmill Trust Scholarship has an upcoming group exhibition, with a number of artworks in the 'Artisans in the Gardens' Exhibition at the Lions Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. 

The exhibition runs from Saturday 19 October until Sunday 27 October 2019. For more information visit Artisans in the Gardens


 2012 James blackwell 'Native Grid 0612.1'